FIREPROBE ® Speed Test is the most advanced platform for Internet connection metrics in web browsers (desktop & mobile). Create and customize own HTML-5 application.

Give your customers ability to troubleshoot network issues. This platform is dedicated for Internet Service Providers for network analysis and maintenance.

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FIREPROBE ® is registered trademark and may be only used under license.


Install FIREPROBE ® server software on any modern Linux machine.

Multi-location testing

Achieve maximum speed by using multiple servers in a test simultaneously.


Customize colors of user interface, use own logo and change text for every part of application.

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  • HTML5 application (up to 1)
  • HTTPS support with TLS
  • IPv4 / IPv6 support
  • Hosted in FIREPROBE Cloud
  • FIREPROBE shared servers
  • Custom servers (up to 1)
  • Server groups (up to 1)
  • Single location testing
  • Results view/export
  • Color adjustments
  • Company logo
  • Translation
  • All FREE features
  • HTML5 applications (up to 3 or more)
  • Custom servers (up to 5 or more)
  • Server groups (up to 5 or more)
  • Server by client IP address
  • Full client IP address in results
  • Multi location testing
  • Custom HTML5/CSS
  • Custom real-time result posting
  • Custom data in results
  • Sub-accounts
  • Native apps (Windows, Android, iOS)
Trusted by Internet providers and governments.
The platform is operated by:
V-SPEED Sp. z o.o.