FIREPROBE ® Speed Test is the most advanced platform for Internet connection metrics in web browsers (desktop & mobile). Create and customize own HTML-5 application.

Give your customers ability to troubleshoot network issues. This platform is dedicated for Internet Service Providers for network analysis and maintenance.

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FIREPROBE ® is registered trademark and may be only used under license.


Install FIREPROBE ® server software on any modern Linux machine.

Multi-location testing

Achieve maximum speed by using multiple servers in a test simultaneously.


Customize colors of user interface, use own logo and change text for every part of application.

Trusted by Internet providers worldwide. Used for Internet monitoring systems certified by european regulator - see example.
Data analysis

Millions of users provide crowd-sourced internet measurements using our tools.

We create complex analysis of fixed and mobile Internet connections worldwide.

Current insights
Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on mobile networks worldwide
Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on mobile networks worldwide

Analysis showed strong coronavirus impact on mobile networks in Italy and Poland due to their governments restrictions. Read more...

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  • HTML5 application (up to 1)
  • HTTPS support with TLS
  • IPv4 / IPv6 support
  • Hosted in FIREPROBE Cloud
  • FIREPROBE shared servers
  • Custom servers (up to 1)
  • Server groups (up to 1)
  • Single location testing
  • Results view/export
  • Color adjustments
  • Company logo
  • Translation
  • All FREE features
  • HTML5 applications (up to 3 or more)
  • Custom servers (up to 5 or more)
  • Server groups (up to 5 or more)
  • Server by client IP address
  • Full client IP address in results
  • Multi location testing
  • Custom HTML5/CSS
  • Custom real-time result posting
  • Custom data in results
  • Sub-accounts
  • Native apps (Windows, Android, iOS)
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V-SPEED Sp. z o.o.